Friday, July 20, 2012

Book Review on Bhandaru Acchamamba Satcharitra in The Hindu ..

 Bhandaru Acchamamba Satcharitra

This is a brief biography of Bhandaru Acchamamba, perhaps the first story writer, and indeed the first women’s historian in Telugu. 

Within 8 chapters the author Kondaveeti Satyavati tries to given insight into the short (30 year long) life of a woman who not only wrote several stories and attempted a history of women across India, but was also a staunch supporter of the Swadeshi movement and was a an asocial worker. 

Her writings in Telugu are all the more remarkable as she lived in the State for a very short period of time and had managed to balance her personal domestic life with her strong feminist thinking.

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Hyderabad Book Trust, 
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Courtesy: The Hindu, 20 July 2012

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