Saturday, January 9, 2016

JEENA HAI TO MARNA SEEKHO : The Life and Times of George Reddy, Gita Ramaswamy


The Life and Times of George Reddy

- Gita Ramaswamy

George Reddy died very young – he was barely twenty-five years old. 
Only three years of his short life were in the public gaze.  
And yet, he inspired entire generations of students and young people. 

What unknown wellsprings brought forth that first flush of radicalism, the dedication, the clarity of purpose, the commitment to struggle against odds, the courage to turn back on a promising career and tread a difficult path? 

What significance does it hold for the students and youth of today? 
This, a short biography of George attempts to address these questions.

"Our society has become rotten. 
And this rottenness has spread into every facet of our lives including into our universities. 
Today, we have no other course left to us open now. 
We have raised our voices in protest. 
Our protest has remained unheard. 
We have marched in processions. 
Our processions have been broken up by police. 
We have erupted in violence. 
And our violence has been met with a greater violence. 
Today what is left to us but to organize ourselves and meet violence with violence?"
- George Reddy
(Speaking in the documentary, 'Crisis on the Campus', 1971, Fali Billimoria)

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The Life and Times of George Reddy (English)

- Gita Ramaswamy 

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